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Welcome to the
Thanks For Nothing Campaign

Do you like to send money to people and get nothing in return? Are you looking to rid yourself of excess cash for no good reason? Has your bank account gotten too large for its own good? I used to be like you. I would often send money to all of these multi-level marketing scams and get nothing in return. Then it occurred to me that many of the "laws" and "court cases" they were citing were probably fictitious. Why was I sending money to something that was a lie?

This is where my campaign differs. I don't promise anything in return. That's why it's called the "Thanks For Nothing Campaign." Basically, you send me Money. The amount that you send is entirely up to you. It doesn't matter; you're basically getting more of nothing. I can't emphasize enough that you will get nothing in return. You won't even get a thank-you note. If you foward this, you will get $0.00 per person. The effects of that are staggering. If you foward it to 100 people, and they each foward it to 100 people, and they each forward it to 100 people, you'll get $0.00.

Any amount of money is welcome. You can use PayPal for donations by clicking the donate button below. (You'll have to enter an amount in the box when you get to the next page.) The link below will take you to the form you need.